Super safe rust remover

RUST-OFF is easy to use. Fully immerse the rusted item in RUST-OFF and check progress in about 30 minutes; no scrubbing necessary. Soak times will vary from 30 minutes to 24 hours depending on severity of rust, type of steel, and temperature. RUST-OFF is water based, therefore the active molecules will slow down as temperature decreases and increase as temperature increases. We recommend utilizing RUST-OFF at a bath temperature above 15 °C.

RUST-OFF has a surfactant to aid in penetrating oils and dirt. However, surface contaminants do slow the process and can shorten the life of RUST-OFF. Oils, greases and cosmoline should be removed prior to de-rusting. Cleaning the part prior to soaking in RUST-OFF will also help in the disposal of the spent product.

Once the item has been de-rusted, you have several options:

1)Wash and rinse the item off and go to the next process for painting, coating, etc.

2) Wash & rinse the item off and apply a long term rust inhibitor (see next paragraph); or

3) Wash and rinse the item and dip back into RUST-OFF, remove and let dry. RUST-OFF will provide about 10-14 days of rust inhibition, depending on the humidity. Wash and rinse when ready to paint or apply long-term protection.



- Appearance: Yellow liquid

- Odor: Slight odor

- Foam: Slight

- pH @ 1%: 6.1 – 7

- Environmental Data: Biodegradable.